Caring or just sharing

So back to this event I attended this weekend. First of all, the event was a charity event, so I can appreciate everyone that attended because I am all about giving back BUT it was like a scene from Gossip Girl: Adult Edition. Maybe I’m not used to being around “socialites” and trust me that is A-Okay with me. Those pretentious, snotty plastic barbies (some not all) literally left me sick to my stomach. I really could care less about how wealthy I become, I would never treat someone like they were beneath me.  Always being able to humble yourself is truly golden.

So my question is, did these people attend this event because they cared about the cause or because all their rich friends were going? Furthermore, does it even matter? Shouldn’t I just be glad that the money was raised and its going to help a cause that is special. I don’t know the answer. I just know that I was rubbed the wrong way.

Highlights of the night: Literally every woman in the place went crazy when “Party in the USA” came on. Isn’t that a Miley Cyrus song and aren’t you 25+? How/why do you know every lyric in this song woman? Then when “Teach me how to Dougie” came on, I just couldn’t. I had to exit the room immediately because it’s really not polite to laugh in people’s face.

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