The tough-one

Its awfully tough to approach this subject because usually we base how we date off of past relationships. Right now, I’m in this phase where dating seems so troublesome. I have no desire in it really because I feel like it’s so messy. You have to get to know people and I just don’t have the time right now. Just the thought of dating makes me cringe a little. Maybe because of my 2009 relationships, or maybe because of the point I am in my life. More than not, I’m not impressed with the people I meet. Most of them live these superficial lives that have no significant to me and the goals I’m trying to accomplish. I’m more impressed with someone that can challenge me intellectually. Someone that is or has began to emerge themselves in culture. Those that are constantly seeking knowledge, and PLEASE someone that knows how to dress.  To me, a relationship is about this partnership, one that you can only get from this person. Its about having a best friend and a lover all wrapped up in one. I was telling my friend today that I was just gaze into my bf’s eyes and just think to myself how beautiful he is. A beauty that is way more than skin deep. I appreciate a man that is not afraid to be a man. Hold me when I need to be held. Touch me when I need to be touched and love me right, always. And me as his woman will do the same for him. No one should expect something from someone that they are not willing to do themselves.

Overall, though it hasn’t happened yet, I know I will find love when it’s time. God made someone for me, and I honestly believe that. I refuse to be stressed about not having a “man” especially when I have so many AMAZING guys friends. Fall is coming and it I’m going to want to cuddle. I guess I will just go built-a-bear! lol. As always, PEACE&&LOVE, Supershara.

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