Snap out of it

Ugggghh! I hate when I get in these moods. These moods when my concentration is just all over the place. Why don’t I not have the motivation to do the most basic things right now? Who knew this semester was going to be so incredibly EXHAUSTING????? (Only 6 more weeks though.) But I’m assuming that it will all be worth it in the end?? Right, Right? Would anyone like to offer some reassurance? That would be kind. Peace&&Love, Supershara.

P.S. Maybe I would feel better if the weather here wasn’t so sucky. I can barely walk of my apartment without being picked up by the wind and be transported to a place I didn’t ask to be. But hey, I should count today as a good day. I got 100% on my Psych paper and one of my classes got cancelled. I guess that means I’m supposed to keep on pushing! 🙂

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