C’mon Son!

So Sunday, Halloween, my friend and I went to this new-ish breakfast place called Hashbrowns. We are all about breakfast and we decided to try a new breakfast place every Sunday.

So, I don’t eat meat so I ordered just a two cheese omelet that came with sweet potato hashbrowns and toast. I got pancakes on the side because I love them so much. The food was HORRIBLE!

The eggs tasted like eggs that you get on an egg, cheese, and bacon biscuit at McDonald’s (not to say anything is wrong with McDonald’s but the sandwich is also under $3.00 dollars). I ate two bites of it and was finished. The waitress never came over to ask us how our food was, so basically I just sat there unsatisfied.

When the waitress did come back she had the intentions of giving us our checks. I told her how I felt about the food and she said that she was going to get a manager for me to talk to. We waited for 20 minutes, the manager never came, but I got the omelet off my bill. Happy right? WRONG!

I work in a restaurant and I guess I just assume the level of service should be comparable to that of the restaurant I work and if it’s not, at least the manager would have the decency to come and speak to me. I am a paying customer, or maybe Hashbrowns forgot!

But I am powered with WOM (word of mouth) to spread the word about Hashbrowns. Yes, the sweet potato hashbrowns were delicious but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the meal should be lackluster. It also doesn’t mean that I should run out of water or juice while I’m eating (attempting at least). Bad food can always be saved by great service and great food usually allows one to overlook bad service but when both are horrible, well that’s when I blog!

My friends, I cautious your participation in eating at Hashbrowns. If you value mouth-watering breakfast and good service, then I’m sorry Hashbrowns is not the place for you.

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