Just Wright?

So I watched Just Wright Saturday night and the movie was super cheesy but in a cute way.

Things I would like to point out:

1. This movie is perfect example of what “good guys” say women do. They say that pretty women only pick bad boys, or celebrities. But in the movie Queen Latifah’s character was the successful, less attractive one and Paula Patton played the beautiful, gold-digging character. Guess which one Common’s character, who was a NBA  player, picked??? Paula Patton’s character, and I know it is just a movie but it is exactly what happens in real life. Men you have not room to complain about the men that women pick because when it comes to picking a “good woman” we are overshadowed by the Beyonces and Kim Kardashians of the world.

2. This is purely marketing. I swear every beauty product Queen Latifah used in the movie was Covergirl. As you may know, Latifah is one of the spokespeople for the brand. I think it was very nice for Covergirl to make that happen. Way to go!

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