Who are you, really?

I know I have a super bad habit of crushing on guys that I really don’t know because of what I think I “know.” For example, he opened the door for me yesterday, he MUST be a gentlemen. I get myself into a frenzy about this amazing guy because in my head, I have made him amazing.

But fast-forward to holding a conversation with this guy and he is nothing like I imagined. fantasy ruined!

My point is simply that we spend so much time thinking we know someone instead of getting to know them. It’s the way hearts get broken never to be the same again, but all the heartache can be avoided if we just really PAY ATTENTION! So much of life is about putting your best forward in order to “impress” but when the honeymoon period is over, will you have any idea who you’re laying next to?

Ladies especially, let the fantasies go and see the person for the person that they really are. Stop thinking that your encouragement or love will change someone. A person will only change when they feel in their being that it is necessary.

Fairytales are for children and it is the best interest of all parties involved to be who you really are and give up the facades!

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