What’s up friend? What’s up baby?

So I been thinking about this whole idea of friendship vs relationships. That line can get so blurry sometimes. Especially with me. I feel like I never know when my guy friends like me or sometimes I get myself stuck in “friend mode.”

So how do you overcome the being the “best friend” tag when you’re trying to be more than friend?

Honesty is key. Although, easier said then done, it’s necessary. While you’re gazing passionately into your best friend’s eye, he is wondering if you have something in your eye. Yes, it’s hard but so is life, so just do it. The worse thing that can happen is your friend is not feeling you the way that you are feeling them, but the best thing that can happen is that you end up with your soulmate. If you feel comfortable enough to put the boundaries of your friendship to explore the idea of a relationship, then it is definitely a risk worth taking.

BUT. You have to respect the friendship. I have had many guy friends fall for me, and then they put me in this awkward position. Just because I am very cool with you, and we talk everyday doesn’t mean that I am interested in anything outside of the friendship that we have. Sometimes the relationship is already in the form that it is supposed to be and it doesn’t need to change. That extra strain just makes things hard.

I think it’s true, best friends make the best boy/girlfriends but getting to that relationship phase is difficult. Things can get messy, and some heart won’t get fixed in time to save relationships. Still, taking the chance could result in the greatest love affair known to man! We all spend so much time looking for traits that are right under our nose, and we end up letting fear prevent us from our destiny. I challenge you guys to look a little closer at the ones you call friends. If he treats you good ladies and he isn’t getting anything from you but friendship, then is a good chance he will treat you better as his girlfriend. That goes the same for men, if she stay looking out for you throughout your friendship, then I am sure she will be all about you when she decides to make you her man.

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