Now…. Let’s get started

A while back, Rev Run tweeted this, Ladies: Don’t fall in love, stand in love.”

This is definitely a power quote!

Listen those words just simmer! Lately, as I “date” or attempt to at least, I find myself getting easily annoyed. Mostly with whiners! If you are a man, then I expect as much! HOW MANY TIMES CAN I SAY THIS! It’s my pet peeve! I cannot be around a man who doesn’t have a lot going on with himself because I’m a busy girl and don’t plan on slowing down for anyone.

Ladies, what’s your pet peeve? Bitchassness, Broke men, cheaters, liars, dealing with babymommas, the list goes on!

Ahhh. MY POINT! We all have these pet peeves but end up with the men that possess that certain trait we hate. Why settle? Most women are so desperate to be with someone that they are willing to compromise so much. WHY? My new motto is: I rather be single with peace then be in a relationship with hell! Love isn’t going anywhere, so why rush?

Standing in love is about being confident with your relationship and the person that you call your lover. It’s really sad that so many people are willing to fall without knowing if their love interest is willing to catch them. After you fall, then what? Think about it.

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