Just friends sir.

Listen. There are a lot of men and women out in the world that are saying that they are “just friends” out in public but getting it on between the sheets. Which is fine, if that’s your thing. It is NOT my thing though. If I tell you that I just want to be FRIENDS, that is what I mean.

A friend to me is just someone who I talk to every once in a while. We don’t really have to hang out and do all that extra stuff. I see you when I see you. So, this that being said, when I tell you I just want to be friends, don’t then ask me can we hang out. NO, I will see you when I see you.

A homie is something completely different. I have homies, or my bros. The ones that live in Michigan from Michigan State are my bfs, or best friends. These are men in my life that I trust. That I kick it with. The ones that are there to be a shoulder to cry on, or the ones that call me when they are having girl problems.

So if there is any confusion about what a women means when they say “just friends.” Trust me, that is not necessarily where you want to be if you like her sir. Unless, both of y’all are just using the “friend” label as a front, but as this day and age, let’s hope not. 🙂

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