I know. I know. I KNOW!

Every time I say I’m not going to be distant. I am! But life has this crazy way of taking you by the collar and forcing you to do what it wants. This week life has forced me to be little on edge. Work was different this week. Different in a sense that it was kind of difficult. First time thus far that I didn’t make the earlier deadline. I spend a lot of time cleaning the mess that someone left behind. How inconsiderate?

I also came to the realization that me and one of my old good friends will never be good friends again. Too many things have happened and the trust is GONE! Where do you go from there? It’s like being around someone and all they see is a sign on your forehead that says “selfish” “inconsiderate” “liar” and so and so forth. There is nothing that you can say to a person that already has in their mind who you really are, especially if it’s negative. I will admit that maybe I could try harder, but at some point all that effort seems pointless to a person that will only see in you what they want.

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