Get it Together Ladies!

So maybe I am just getting older or something, but I’m really in disgust every single time I go out and see a 40-year-old in see-through leggings, or a girl with weave that looks like it hasn’t been brushed in months. Everyone wants to complain about getting disrespected but yet you put yourself in a position to get disrespected.

Stop presenting yourself to be less than how you want to be treated. No one is going to treat a peasant like a queen, and the same with men. I don’t care how fine you are if you don’t have the personality to match. Stop flaunting your money in the club, stunting when you go home to sleep in your mama’s house, because honestly it’s not going to matter to me.

There are way more important things in the world people then trying to keep up with the someone, and trust me when I say everyone in this world is not out to get you. Most things are based on cause and effect. He thinks you are a ho because you’re in the club ass out, drunk, grinding on every man who walks pass.

This is just an open blog post to the women, especially black women. Let’s pull it together. Let’s present ourselves as women that deserve the utmost respect from anyone. There is nothing wrong with being sexy, but remember to leave some things to the imagination. Remember you are a queen and deserved to be treated like one, and if you aren’t, you need to dump the people around you. If that is not working, then maybe you need to take a good look at yourself.


2 responses to “Get it Together Ladies!

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