I really have a problem with men that do not know how to communicate. Whether it be taking 12 hours to return a text or no forms of communication at all until he wants something. Listen, please listen. I am NOT on anyone’s time but my own. Can you really expect something out of someone who you only texts or calls every blue moon?? What makes you think I would want to know you better if you only contact me once a week or less? Then you want me to go on a date with you or complain about me not getting to you know you. TOUGH COOKIES!

Clearly, you make time for the things you care about. Most of the time, texting and calling is not actually about the content (applies more to texting) but the fact that you thought enough to do it. Women just want to know that you care, (but not so much that it makes you seem like you have nothing going on in your own life.)

Remember when you were in elementary school and you got a grade for effort? Yes, sweetheart, effort is IMPORTANT! I am most definitely not going to consider someone to be a mate when they have barriers up with it comes to communication. How can you expect something out of someone who you won’t even share your life with? That means the joy and the pain. If you are having a bad week, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t hear from you, if anything I should hear from you more. I want to be that backbone, and give you strength you need to make it through the week.

People assume that it’s tough to break down the walls of a woman who have been heartbroken, but it is harder to break down the walls of a man who has been truly heartbroken.

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