The Good Die Young….

So this weekend, man this week, has been ROUGH. Lost my cousin to gun violence. Shot in the head. I don’t know, the fact he got shot in the head disturbs me. The fact that I lost someone to gun violence period irks me.

As the story was explained to me, my cousin got into an argument with someone. That person left and came back and started shooting. Six people were shot in all, including TWO other of my cousins. My other cousin is in the hospital with a shattered leg because the bullet traveled, and my other cousin is doing fine.

I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to wake up. It pisses me off because some people don’t even value life or know HOW the value it. If they did, the, would never consider taking someone’s life. How dare you! What gives ANY man the right to take another man’s life. I would sit here and wish death on the person that killed my cousin but I rather wish LIFE on them. I hope you rot in JAIL for what you did. I hope you don’t have a single clear thought in your head, because since Saturday I haven’t. The only thought I hope you have is about all the people who you left crying, about the fact people look at your momma or your daddy with shame because their son is a murderer. I hope everyday of your life all you feel is the pain that you caused. Death would be easy for you and you don’t deserve to die yet. You deserve to live in fear of your life and you deserve to live in shame. May the Lord have mercy on your pitiful soul.

Rest In Peace Glenn. Love you Always. Thank you for always looking out for me, whether it be at East or out in these streets. Thanks for always reppin’ for me and believing in me. I know that you were always proud of me. As I prepare for my graduation party, I never imagined that you wouldn’t be attending. I will keep my head up and continue to make you proud as you watch over me in heaven. I’m not ready to say good-bye but sometimes God doesn’t give us options.

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