Moving on….

slowly and surely, from talking about my cousin. Not because I don’t love him or miss him, but because I can’t keep this weight on my shoulders. I mean honestly hearing that he didn’t want to go to that party, that he had a bad feeling about it, seeing my cousin in wheelchair (he was shot too, in the leg, three surgeries to try to repair it), seeing the toughest men break down in tears, almost having an anxiety attack after seeing my cousin just leaving there lifeless, and seeing family members break down. IT IS JUST TOO MUCH!

To carry that around is not going to help anything, he’s always be on my mind, only 25 years of his life lived. But I am writing this because I want him to He is an angel now, looking down on all my fam, and rather cry for him, he should cry for us. We are still here, and this world is getting crazier by the second.

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