Ohhh yesss….

So I was reading an interview with Marlon Yates, who is dating Shaunie O’Neal ( Shaq’s ex-wife), and he is serious eye candy. Hello! But besides that I really like something that he said.

“Wake up every morning, if she’s there, I kiss her, tell her how much I love her, tell her how beautiful she is the small things that count in most women’s’ eyes. See young girls they have a whole different mindset. But women know it’s the small things like asking her how she’s doing or how she’s feeling all that. Small things count. Most young girls are looking elsewhere. They’re looking at the pockets.”

I really don’t know what he means by “young girls” since he is twenty-three years old, but I will look pass that because what he said is brilliant. Simple things PEOPLE, simple things! A good morning or good night text. Kisses on the forehead. Buying me my favorite candy just because you were in the store and it made you think of me. Candy is 99 cent! LOL. THE POINT. Just let me know that I am on your mind. Girls over-think so much and that is many of our downfalls because we let men drive us crazy, but it could all be prevented. It could be prevented if some of you guys would just ACT like you care, and by ACT I mean ACTION!

BUT Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of gold diggers out here, but every girl is NOT like that. Especially these days when women are making the same type of strides that men are. Seriously though, those of you that are just using people (men or women) you’re pretty lame!

This is Marlon. hehe!

P.S. Just because women like simple things doesn’t mean that fine dining is a McDonald’s value meal. You definitely have to find the balance between the simple things and treating your lady well.

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