Hey lovers…

Happy Valentine’s Day! I just had a wonderful meal featuring bbq salmon and a cauliflower and broccoli mix. So delicious, also with Moscato on the side. Too bad that I didn’t get to share it with the person I wanted to be my Valentine but no reason to fret. I had a lovely Valentine’s Day because I just love, love. I got all the people on my account teams at work NBA Valentines and I just enjoyed all the texts and messages wishing me love. Who cares if you don’t have a lover to call your own people, you have family and friends that love you. Celebrate that! Also, celebrate the love that God gives you as well as the love that you give yourself. No one wants a woman who is just a debbie downer ladies! Get it together, hold your head high, and keep it moving.

But you guys know I have to hit you up with some V-day jams!

And two special songs for all you freaks.

Enjoy everyone, and if no one else loves you, I DO!

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