Looking back..

I found something I wrote in my poetry class last semester. It still seems relevant even though it’s not the case anymore in some ways.

My studio

My home. cluster. clothes everywhere. even more books. poetry. Langston. Maya. to movies. memories. silence. darkness. heat. hot water. cold water. cleansing. meatless tacos. savoring every moment. freedom. I am. the. AUTHORITY. All mine.

Of course my favorite part is the end that starts at savoring every moment. I feel like everyone should treat life like good food. You know, when you have really good food, you eat it slow. You allow the flavors to roll on your taste letting your taste buds enjoy every flavor. So much of life prior to graduation has been about me doing what I HAD to do. Now I am finally settling into a position where I am doing what I WANT to do. There is such a big difference in the two.

The rest of this “poem” has to do with me being in control of my own life. I am very much a control freak. I don’t like things to linger, I don’t like surprises, I like to settle things and I like to be in the know. I like to plan things out, those things seem never to go quite as I plan them. Regardless, I have the authority over my own destiny. I have control over where I end up in life, and I am a very focused person. I DO put myself first a lot right now because this is like make or break time for me. I don’t have a bf right now, no kids, no HUGE responsibilities, so I got to make my next move my best move. Always! I only have one life, I have to live it the best way I see fitting.

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