Things I noticed…

I know I have been MIA lately. I usually just have no energy to write when I get home because I spend SO MUCH time on blogs at work, and I read them when I get home too, so my own blog seems to get very neglected. Or it could be because I feel like I haven’t had anything overly interesting thing to say. Anyway, I digress.

But I am going to tell my readers so things that I noticed…

1. Man it is March, meaning that my birthday is right around the corner. YAY! (April 14th)

2. When I have kids, I really want to be in the position where I can take them and pick them up from school. Those are precious moments that I don’t want a baby-sitter to have.

3. I need like a 5 day energy to get through the week. LOL serious!

4. I love my job, I do. I am learning so much and I can appreciate that, but there is no way I can see myself working for someone else past thirty. I just can’t. I got to make my OWN moves.

5. Some dudes are so FULL of sh*t. Literally, I will read some of y’all statues on Facebook or tweets on Twitter and be like “who are you?” Some people, ladies and gentlemen, really play characters on social media outlets.

6. The Bulls are thee sh*t! I am so proud of all the things they have accomplished this year. Swept the Heat. Sweep, Sweep.


8. Spring is coming! (Hopefully soon)

9. I haven’t wrote a poem since I graduated from college, (Dec 2010) and that kind of makes me sad.

10. I have been having serious urges to cuddle lately. Which, for me, is extremely weird.

I guess I will stop there. Crazy the things you notice when you take a step back and just observe.

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