Congrats to the MAVS!

Sometimes a player’s greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team.
— Scottie Pippen

How ironic is this? Could this quote stem from Scottie not being the real “superstar” on the team. Maybe this is what he should have told Lebron, instead of calling him the greatest. Mannn. Scottie we love you, just not as much as Jordan. 😉 But Lebron, you gets no love in my eyes. I almost felt a little more justification for my strong dislike last night when the HEAT LOST! People keep asking if I got a soft spot for the Heat because of Wade, and I simply said did Wade have a soft spot for Chicago when he came here “acting” like he wanted to play. The answer: NO and NO, and there you GOOOO!

This post was clearly supposed to be about the Mavs, but clearly it is my disdain for the Heat that makes the Mavs win even tolerable. Honestly, I never been a Mavs fan, definitely not a Dirk fan, but I got love for Terry. The man is niiiccccceeee. *Fab voice* So congrats to the Mavs for this FIRST ever franchise NBA championship!

Truthfully, I stopped caring about the NBA when Bulls lost. Til’ next year Chicago Bulls. #Bullsnation

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