Songs of the day…. Happy Birthday Tupac

Happy Birthday Tupac. Though I was just a shorty when you died, I remember crying my little baby girl tears. Of course, I really didn’t understand really what death was, nor did I realize the impact that you had at the time. Now in my adult life, as I discovered more of your music, your poetry, and movies,  I can realize how much of an overall artist you were. No disrespect to Biggie, because he was great rapper, top 2 all time in my opinion, but Tupac was a better artist than him. He was more intelligent, more in touch with the struggle, and more willing to stand there and talk about life the way he saw it. I will also respect his honesty and what he did for hip hop. Definitely gone too soon, and I have no doubt that he would still be actively yelling for change if he was alive. So say what you will about this man, but until you’ll battled the demons that surrounded his troubled life, I feel like you are in position to judge. Like he said, you got to talk about the bitches, but you always have to talk about the black queens. Much love. RIP!

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