Song of the day

One thing I always have to appreciate Columbia College Chicago for is the amazing talent it produces. I remember listening to this song on his I pod in a park, but of course that’s another story. This song is reflective of the type of the mood I’ve been in. Successful is one of the words that has a  dictionary meaning yet so many meanings to different individuals. To one person success is purely measured by material gain, while for another success could be having a family. For me, success is doing something I love everyday and finding a way to make it profitable enough so I can live by my own terms.

What I like about this song is that he takes you on a journey of some sort. He talks about what successful is to him and how it may be difficult to measure your own individual success versus someone’s else. I think it is important to realize trying to measure your success versus someone’s else is pretty foolish because no two people have the same path. Just because it takes you longer to get somewhere, doesn’t make you a failure or the other person is a success. It’s just how your paths ended up, and it the grand scheme of things you should be appreciative to all journeys because they always teach you something.

JDP- Successful (remix) make sure to give him a follow @thisisjdp and like his Facebook page.


“I feel like fate gave me a purpose / and I’m no where near perfect / but I work so damn hard / I swear to God that I’m worth it

P.S. the call from his mom, nice touch right? Loves it.

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