There’s a lot of people in Marvin’s Room

Chris Brown changed the perspective on his cover. He describes a situation with his girl and her guy best friend. In this case, the BFF is “hating” on Chris and making the relationship difficult. I give it a C-. I do love Chris Brown, and I appreciate him exploring a different topic but I feel like it’s just kind of blah.

I appreciate that stayed true to the original essence of this song. There is a lot of emotion in his version. I feel like this a pretty common topic though. Guy messes up, girl moves on, guy realizes he made a mistake and wants to the girl back, but girl is SMART and has replaced lame guy with a better guy. I give it a B+. I would have given it an A- but he does this weird thing with his voice in the beginning. He emphasizes every last word in the verse and it just sounds… awkward.

Teyanna Taylor’s version is called Her Room. I know Teyanna can sing but I really don’t care for her voice on this cover. It’s something about it. It just doesn’t flow correctly, and it throws off the whole song for me. I have to give her a few points for having the female version so I give her a B.

Undoubtedly, my favorite version. I feel like it was the perfect response to Drake’s original version, and is how most girls would respond if the situation happened to them. I feel like this was the most BOSSY version as well. Jojo is telling the guy, I’m the best so trying to replace me is not going to WORK. I give her an A+ for great lyrics and a voice that goes perfectly with the song’s attitude.

“I”m going to send a sexy picture / to remind you what you’re giving up

The original version. Good ol’ Drake. Blah. HAHA.

What do you think? Is this song worth as many remixes as it has? Who has the best version?

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