Dance, Dance, Dance

Happy July lovers! We are officially in the 2nd half of the year. Get excited!

As most of you can see by now, I’m addicted to HAWT ish, especially when they are on Youtube. I am most highly addicted to artistically dope people who can do something that I cannot. Though I know how to shake it in my own right, I really want to introduce you to some D O P E choreographers. Oh, and if you didn’t know about these peeps, thank me later.

Dejan Tubic and Janelle Ginestra are clearly powerhouses. Hard-hitting yet funky, fun moves that will leave any crowd entertained. I swear I watched like all their videos because they are so creative and you can tell that it comes so naturally and effortlessly to them.  I especially like how they display other dancers they work with. They have some pretty good kids that get DOWN with them. Check them out HERE.

Though this video may not be the best video of Luam, it is my favorite because it shows her true passion. To really go after your dreams, when everyone is telling you it’s silly, is HARD. It takes that passion and resilience to never give up! That’s why I have the utmost respect for Luam as a choreographer, but also be she is sooo smooth! In all her videos, you can see the smoothness and the crispness of her moves. Plus she has BIG hair and I was having a little hair envy! haha. Check her out HERE.

I think Mr. Sean Bankhead reminds me most that dance can tell a story and be used as a movie without words. He also reminds me that dance is so closely connected to fashion. Dancers, well most dancers, are some of the best dressed people I’ve ever saw. I think I feel this way mostly because I love the contrast of hard and soft or the idea of a loose, baggy shirt paired with something tight on the bottom or vice verse.  You can check him out HERE.

2 responses to “Dance, Dance, Dance

  1. My favorite of the three is definitely Luam. It is pretty awesome to see such smooth movement that isn’t too girly or masculine. It looks just as awesome on the men as it does on the women, just as dance should be! Thanks for posting.

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