Introducing HAWTNESS..

Clearly… I have a passion for new talent, especially when they are Columbia College Chicago bred. This guy is truly going places. How many good fashion designers do you know that are also really good at photography? I didn’t think many.

I was so honored to know Dennis Prewitt and hope he doesn’t forget about me when he blows up. (because he will blow up) His aesthetic is so clean, and minimalistic yet still fashion forward. The scenery is perfect, and the model is really working it. Great talent is rarely made, but born deep inside the individual. I refuse to believe that Dennis will NOT become a legendary fashion designer/photographer. I have his sketches on my desk at work and will gladly sit front row (wink wink) at his first fashion show during New York Fashion Week. (Baby, you got it!) 😉



To see his more of this collection, click HERE!

2 responses to “Introducing HAWTNESS..

  1. I TOTALLY agree! Dennis is definitely talented and I know that he is going to be VERY successful! Great work! Super talented! Humble! And the list goes on and on!

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