I’ve always had this complex with curly hair. Naturally I had tight curly hair, but my mom made the decision to get me a perm (relaxer) when I was five. Of course it was a bad decision mostly because relaxers are bad for your hair. It limits so much, I don’t see why anyone would want a perm. I understand that some of your curly-haired readers are reading this, and thinking, “easy for you to say.” At the same time, I was the one that couldn’t swim without my hair falling out, or the one with the one-dimensional hair. Yes, my hair would curl up, but it was such a limp curl. The chemicals just eat at your hair, and weakens it. Adding color is damn near impossible, no matter how “strong” you think your hair is. So I’m going natural for all the above reasons, but mostly for hair freedom. Feeling my scalp as my hair grows feels so nice. It’s so thick and is growing like wildfire! So to all of my readers that are on the fence about going natural, please DO IT! There are so many resources from Youtube, websites, and books to guide you along your journey! Good luck! Use the slideshow below for some inspiration.

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