So if you been keeping up with this blog, you would know by now that I love putting you guys “ON”. I love blogging about my friends or peers that are just plain D.O.P.E. I am super blessed to know so many talented people who are out there doing there thang, by their own means, in the world of art and fashion. Having something to be truly passionate about is a beautiful thing. So if you are looking for a completely unique bracelet that NO-ONE else will be wearing on their wrist, I suggest to scroll over to Laura Jastram’s Etsy PAGE. For $40 dollars, you can have a CUSTOM bracelet made by Laura. What could be better than a bracelet made with fun colors and awesome designs to layer between your other chunky gold and silver numbers? It’s that fresh pop of color that will make your wrist the envy of all your friends. The best part is you won’t ever run into someone with the same bracelet on. I like to call that exclusivity! So I need all my accessories fashionistas to jump on this bracelet train immediately before Laura blows up into a big-time accessory designer and you can no longer afford her stuff. (It will happen!) 😉 Some examples of her work are below.

You can also follow Laura HERE, and check out her amazing Tumblr HERE! As always, thank me later! 🙂

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