Viktor & Rolf Resort 2012

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A week or so ago, I posted about Viktor & Rolf menswear 2012, and I recently saw Seven Halos’ tweet about Viktor & Rolf Resort Line 2012. I had to check out because I really like Viktor & Rolf and this collection didn’t disappoint. It was playful while still having a 70s sophistication. I really like how detailed everything is and how everything looks so clean. Their clothes are beautifully made, and I like the use of blue jeans, the trenches, and the soft, colorful fabrics. My favorite look is below. It’s this flowy maxi skirt with a bandeau/corset like top with a cropped blazer. You can tell that this skirt is a beauty when actually walked in and the combination of the tight top makes it a perfect duo. I also love the use of accessories with the funky 70s inspired glasses and the belt. The hair is perfect for the look as well. I like how Viktor and Rolf has this way that they make women look well put together but still interesting. It is definitely something that is not always easy to do.

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