New music.. Reviews

So there are some new mixtapes out. One from Teedra Moses, who is newly signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group and Tyga, who is part of the Young Money Crew. Teedra entitled hers, Luxurious Undergrind, which I think is the perfect name for it, and Tyga called his, Well Done 2.

I really like Teedra’s mixtape. It is so smooth and Teedra’s voice is simply amazing. It something that you listen to when taking a bubble bath with candlelight as you think about the new guy you like. It really puts you in a good place and reminds you how good love can be. It makes me want to be in love again, just so I can sing along with lyrics wholeheartedly. Plus Teedra Moses is a real singer, all her lyrics feel like something she wrote in her diary. She has a true R&B soul vibe that is refreshing in a world full of Rihannas, Beyonces, and Nicki Minajs. Not to say that those artists aren’t good, (I know they are) but Teedra is definitely not in their category. Her voice is so raw yet still pleasant and soothing. Everyone should definitely check out this mixtape because it is a classic. Easily something that can be listened to for years to come without it feeling old or outdated. DOWNLOAD HERE!

So I feel like I get a lot slack for being a Tyga fan but I think Tyga has nice wordplay especially in his Black Thoughts 2 mixtape. However, I really wasn’t feeling this new mixtape. With an array of used beats like “Motivation,” I just expected him to go harder. I feel like the lyrics in this mixtape were superficial and barely hitting the surface of Black Thoughts 2. I know that this mixtape was supposed to have a completely different feel but I just couldn’t get into it. It’s definitely more of a mixtape that has “party music” on it and I’m not really into that anymore, but yet and still, you can go hard on party music. I feel like his lyrics were lackluster and unmemorable which makes this mixtape just blah to me. Definitely STILL a fan of Tyga, just now feeling this mixtape. DOWNLOAD HERE, to judge the mixtape for yourself.

My favorite song off Luxurious Undergrind.

Have you guys listened to either mixtape?? What do you think??

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