Stylists = #winning

Well at least for big names like Rachel Zoe and June Ambrose. Rachel has clothes, and June has turbans. Now, they both have big things coming in the next coming months.

Rachel is teaming up with Exude Lipstick as the face of the New York lipstick line. The lipstick is marketed as a be a better lipstick for your lips contains goodies like vitamin C and E, Gogi Berry, Omega-3 and Omega-6, and essential fatty acids. Rachel helped design the crystal applicator, and you can buy it HERE for $29 a pop. Her show is also returning for its 4th season September 6 on Bravo.

June is also not letting her brand fall by the waste side. Her Juniverse website is set to debut sometime this month! If you are following her on Twitter or a fan of her on Facebook, then you know how exciting her website is going to be. She hits us with her FAB fashion looks on a daily as well as YouTube videos that provide answers for fans’ fashion questions. She also has a show up her sleeve. She has already begin shooting, but no word when the show will debut.

Who’s your favorite fashion stylist? Are you excited about the new things that June and Rachel are up too??

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