So Twitter has been going crazy since about 12am eastern time with the release of Watch The Throne on ITunes. Unless you been living under a rock, you would know that Watch The Throne is the highly anticipated album from rap heavyweights Jay-Z and Kanye West. I’ve listened to the regular edition three times in a row now to really get a feel for it. I find that when I listen to new music multiple times in a row, I discover something new that I didn’t hear before. As of now, my favorite songs are “Gotta Have It” and “Murder to Excellence” but honestly that could change at any second. I think the album as a whole is epic just because Jay-Z and Kanye West are a lot of people favorite rappers and to get them on one album for twelve tracks is huge! I am also really feeling the subject matter on this album, it is so left field. It definitely doesn’t sound like anything else that is out right now. Leave it Hov and Ye to change the game… AGAIN!

Watch the Throne is dominating the trending topics with #Throneday and 5 songs trending

Cover Art

You can cop WTT on Itunes. The deluxe edition is $14.99, and the regular version is $11.99. If you want the actual album, it will be available this Friday.

Are you feeling Watch the Throne?

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