Chicago + New York does it again…

Move over Kanye and Jay-Z! You guys aren’t the only one dropping a video premier today. Common (Chicago) and Nas (Queens) also decided to collab for a dope song called “Ghetto Dreams”. It was one of my Song of the Day a while back, and I’m happy to see that they decided to make a video. I personally love the song. I read controversy over Common using b*tch in this song, and it’s like give me a break! They want to crucify the man for EVERYTHING he says, some even calling him a “gangsta rapper.” PLEASE! Nas and Common are two of the most thought-provoking rappers of our time, that don’t make a habit of sugar-coating what’s going on in the hood. Furthermore, regardless if they rap about it or not, it’s still happening. So instead the media going after rappers for lyrics, maybe they should concentrate that money in education, and other positive resources the compliment, (and not destroy) impoverished neighborhoods.


Honestly, when did Common get this beard? It ages him, and not in the best way. Nonetheless, I love the aesthetics of the video. It almost feels vintage or has a soulful, 80s vibe. I also admire the fact that the girl in the video is a chocolate sista. (For those who don’t know, there is always huge controversy when all the video girls are light skin or non black in rap videos, but I digress)

Are you feeling the video?

P.S. I love a good catfight in the name of fashion!

The part in the video that shows the YSL shoes reminds me about to blog about some YSL news.

Recently, the verdict came in for the Louboutin/YSL case. If you’re not familiar with the case, basically Christian Louboutin sued YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) claiming that they trademarked the “red soles” and therefore YSL was stealing their trademark by using red soles too. YSL claimed that they’ve used red soles since the 70s. The verdict came back NOT GUILTY! Read more here.

Do you agree with the verdict?

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