Just a little something…

It’s DeShara. The one always criticized for not giving “love” a chance. Sure, I’m flirted with it a couple of times, but never really made it mine. I’ve even said it to a select few, and it meant it at the time, but I haven’t really concerned myself with it. Honestly, not because I don’t want it, (who doesn’t) but right now I don’t feel like I can handle it. I’ve always thought of myself as reasonable, and logical. I choose to think with my mind more than with my heart, even when the two get a little tangled. I would much rather have love sneak up on the woman who I am becoming than fancy itself with the person I’ve been before. Hey! I’m still learning! Mostly, about myself and where I’m going. How selfish would I be if I settled down with a person in a place that I’m STILL learning to love, or with a place I have no idea if it’s really right for me. I had a “Power Quote” a while back that said something like, “If only. Those have to be the two saddest words.” I don’t think I am in position to not take the opportunities that present themselves as far as my career, and I’m not going to limit myself because of a relationship. I am selfish and committed to myself right, BUT only in the hopes to become a better partner. So I am not totally turned off to love. I just move slowly, and with cautious because I’ve jumped head first before to not avail. So I will keep ones close whose kisses I can’t erase from my memory or touch still gives me goosebumps. Everyone else is just an afterthought…

Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

I wrote this mostly for the women or men that are SICK of getting harassed by friends or family that want you to settle down now. Just because it’s a perfect time for someone else, doesn’t mean that it’s the same for you. It also doesn’t mean you’re not the “relationship type”, just means that you aren’t at the moment. Don’t settle just because everyone else is moving at a faster pace. It will only prove to be a superficial relationship in the end. Take your time, work on yourself, and make a move when YOU feel it’s best. Everything that glitters, definitely isn’t gold. Allow yourself time and energy!

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