So the biggest moment of the night was definitely Beyonce being pregnant. My friend and I screamed like she was our sister. It’s true, I’m not much of a Beyonce fan, but let’s be honest, she gives “superwomen” everywhere a little glimpse of hope. Surely if Beyonce can fit a baby in between world tours, and photo shoots, so can other women everywhere. Congrats B!

Now, to the fashion……

Baby Momma Beyonce in Lanvin

Kelly looking HAWT! Her skin is radiant!

At first, I wasn’t really feeling the sweater but it REALLY works for Ne-Yo. He looks well put together and dapper!

I just love Selena Gomez. I love that she takes risks, and always looks great! (Did you see her and Bieber during the pre-show? TOO CUTE)

Kanye, I love your shirt!

I actually like this look sans the cheese/block head thing. (I’m a Bears fan. *winks*)

Justin just looks so age appropriate. I love the YSL pin on his blazer!

I really liked her house-band look better, but I just thinks she looks so darling here. So spunky!


I must give an honorable mention to Lady Gaga. Some people think she’s weird, but she is just so committed to the craft of being an artist. A true artist! I love how she is just such a blank canvas. You really don’t know what you’re going to get, but you better believe that she is going to give it everything she has! (Normal people just don’t get you Gaga, but I think you are fierce honey!)

2 responses to “VMA’s

  1. ” ….I love how she is just such a blank canvas…”

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Thanks largely to the efforts of the media and entertainment industries (most recently with the new religion of TV talent shows) young people today want more than anything to be famous. GaGa is the perfect example of how far we’ve come. She admits to wanting nothing more than to sell out to the industry in return for fame (AK be ‘fame monster’).

    Having something unique and original to say is no longer a concern for the millions of youths who live their lives in the collective shared reality of corporate / consumer / social network based youth culture. For in this manufactured, marketed hall of mirrors we are all the same….as we are all reflections of the same media, fashions and entertainment.

    In today’s world (with few exceptions) only big corporations can actually make you famous. And all of the big name music acts today have sold out to the music industry to be used literally as a blank canvass by them in return for the fame they can provide.

    Why would those that control the music industry demand that their fame monsters be blank canvasses for them to write on?

    For centuries entertainments have always been used by the ruling powers to manipulated the thoughts, beliefs, desires and actions of the masses. (propaganda, predictive programming, indoctrination, information control etc).

    Does anyone really think that with today’s hugely powerful media age and an almost entirely monopolized and corporatized entertainment industry that today’s entertainments wouldn’t inevitably be strictly controlled and censored to fit with certain agendas?

    ‘Censorship’ doesn’t have to be just about covering lady’s parts or bleeping swearing – it can also be about eradicating every last scrap of intelligence, compassion, originality, humanity, empathy, imagination, common sense from our culture and only allowing shallow, materialistic, vacuous, dumbed down, sensationalist, egocentric, narcissistic garbage through 😉

    Here’s an interesting two part article about Lady GaGa’s style, videos and ‘message’part 1 and
    part 2

    See also this video

    See also this essay called The Truth About Lady GaGa

    I’ve not watched this year’s VMA yet but here’s an interesting breakdown of the 2009 VMA ceremony.

  2. Honestly, at the end of the day, how can you judge what people do to be famous? If that’s what they want to do, I have no problem with that. It is called ENTERTAINMENT for a reason, everyone wants to be entertained. I am not much of a Gaga fan. I haven’t bought any of her albums and I don’t seek her out like her fans do, but I do appreciate the moments when I see her make appearances. Mostly because I know she isn’t going to look like anyone else in the room. If that is the doing of some music executive, then more power to that person. I don’t need to read countless artists about why Gaga is bad, I’m sure they have the same articles about other celebrities. Everyone is not going to agree about an issue, EVER! As far as the media and all that, that’s never going to change, but it is the responsibility of parents and other role models to tell their children the truth about those things. I don’t feel like it the artist’s job to go inside every fan’s house and explain right from wrong. So if you don’t like Gaga or how the media sells things to consumers, then don’t watch it. Anyone who takes anything on t.v. with more than a grain of salt is pretty foolish anyway, but I will not condemn celebrities because of it. Everyone has a choice of what music they listen too, and what shows they watch. Supply and demand is the name of the game and that’s never going to change!

    Thank you for your comment! I can appreciate passion about a subject regardless if I agree or not!

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