Poerty Hour- Worth


He said love fades like crayola watercolors

I said love heals like band-aids do cuts

No salt added

to margaritas sweet drinks that hide pain

Because you said nothing

Who are you really?

Your sober words don’t seem to blend

with your drunken thoughts

I can’t decipher your sign language

without hands

Tell the truth

Are you tired of ant hill lies turned avalanches?

Or is it just the feeling of being ignored?

You paint your face in hopes

to cover the truth that lies in your eyes



And rewind

to that happy moments you never allowed

anyone to take away


Your problems feel like boulders and your shoulders feathers


That I don’t have superhero abilities

And I can’t save you

from thoughts that eat away like

flesh-eating bacteria with names that you can’t pronounce

If I was superwoman

I would ask God for an eraser

because a clean slate wouldn’t let you

forgo the past that you can’t shake

Things are simple and complicated

Hurricanes can’t describe the motions that life takes you


life like the sun may never rise

and the moon may never come

Live in the moments that make you joyous

with people that make you smile

And I’m still no superhero

but if I was

I would ask God for an eraser

to make the negative memories disappear

So the only ones you had left

 made this life worth living



like thoughts need a mind and hearts need a beat

Your frown is mine

and that laughter is mine too

So I’m begging you for a grin

or even a smirk

Because this life just ain’t worth living

with you stuck in the moments

that cut you like sharp scissors

Original work. Copyrighted. Don’t Steal!

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