Poetry Hour: FIRE


Sometimes I feel like I live in a prison without bars

It’s called life

Because sometimes these thoughts are way ahead of my body

So I’m stuck somewhere in-between

where I want to be and where I am

I asked God to order my steps

because clearly my flesh can’t do it alone

Mirrors are like reminders

Ice cold water upon my face rocks me back into reality

though my reality feels so different

than theirs

Problems are:

Fulfilling my destiny

not money

Being a voice to these inner thoughts

not a job

Give me a way to paint beautiful pictures with colored pencils

A couple days late for the train to my pre-recorded destiny

I literally took the road less traveled

because it came with water breaks and pit stops

and I’m just not sure

How to find answers to questions never written

Blame me

Blame me

For wanting to suck the soul out of life

like a swollen breast to a hungry baby

I can’t act my age in dog years

I have no answers for “What’s Next”

Life I assume

I can only hope it comes with a side

of peace and joy

God’s buffet must be plentiful



my next decision always leaves me hungry for more

 because I simply can’t get enough


compassion never leaves my heart

and the ability to leave my soul

on these notebook pages doesn’t either

most importantly


for the aptitude to always be free enough



more than life hands out like free lunch



life never gets so cold

that it puts out my fire

Original work. Don’t steal.

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