Dear David Stern

There are many bad words that I would like to say to you for cancelling the first two weeks of basketball! Not only because basketball is my favorite sport (besides world cup soccer) to watch on television but simply because of how ridiculous you’re being. In your own sweet, “I don’t know why NBA players are so greedy” way you are playing dirty to trick the media, and spin your web of lies! It is not the players! It is definitely YOU!

Consider the league’s current pitch, which is back to the owners taking 53 percent of the pie, with 47 percent for players, which comes with a luxury tax that looks like a hard cap, limits on use of the Bird rights exception and shorter contracts (which the union conceded). The NBA claims it lost $300 million in the 2010-11 season. Shifting from the old 57 percent players’ share to a 47 percent players’ share would transfer $400 million from players to owners. via Tom Ziller

I guess you, David Stern, think that NBA players are truly foolish and are willing to bank of us, the fans, to pressure the players to come back. Why would fans agree with your conniving antics?  Have you any compassion for the countless people (especially in this economy) that cannot afford two weeks off work, or are you willing to donate some of your salary to make sure no one is homeless because of this? (Didn’t think so)

Regardless of personal feelings, the players’ union has a right to say no deal. It wouldn’t matter if the dispute was over one dollar, or one trillion. I don’t believe that what the NBA is doing is right. Is it fair for the players to take a pay cut while  while the owners make more? The players go out and play, the players risk their bodies on the court, and the players are the ones the fans come to see. This is no different from major corporations taking bonuses while their workers are worn out and underpaid. Surely the CEO is important but the organizational would be nothing without its players.

So please, David Stern, get off your political high horse. You are just abusing your power as the top man in charge.

“In this economy, at this time, with what’s going on in the country and the world … I’m proud of my owners.” -David Stern

(It’s hard for me to believe that David Stern and some of those billion dollar owners know anything about a tough economy)

I don’t know about everyone else, but I need this back!

I am 100% support of the NBA players! What are you thoughts?

It’s time to consider whether David Stern has been good for the NBA over his quarter-century in charge. The league is experiencing its second shortened season in 13 years, and every labor deal since the mid-90s has come with doomsday talk and the real threat of missed games. (The short 1995 lockout, which ended in September, was a precursor to the painful 1998-99 version. In 2005, a deal was reached so close to the lockout deadline that free agency was pushed back a few weeks.) For all of the talk about the infrastructure Stern has built, look how fast casual fans abandoned the league when Michael Jordan (a player) retired. Look how fast NBC abandoned the league. Look how far ratings fell. You talk about his push to globalize the game, but it’s unclear if China will continue to pay attention now that Yao Ming (a player) has retired, with Kobe Bryant (a player) entering the twilight of his career. – Tim Ziller (which equals P.S. no one likes you David Stern)

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