Poetry Hour: Blood Sucking Goddess

Blood Sucking Goddess

By: Supershardom

Hidden letters spell trouble

I smell trouble

I see trouble …

In you

Red like the devil

Evil knows no fury quite

Like yours

Suck dry the good

Leave what no one wants

You’re greedy

For things that don’t belong to you

That never belonged to you

Blind eyes for a blind soul

Wish I had the courage to

tell you

That it’s more people on this earth

Look around

You stand alone


Blood sucking goddess

Oh so beautifully presented


Everybody’s fooled

The murderer is disguised as the victim

I can’t

I can’t

Support lies long enough to be ladders

Stop, drop, and roll on friendships

Separate, come back, and do it all over again

Shame on me

But pretty faces hide evil grins

Tears trick officers of emotion

So I’m left here

And they accused me of being the bad guy


Oh the Irony

Misplaced blame strikes me hard

But I’ll deal with it

Let it evaporate

Storm clouds come tomorrow

Thunder comes tomorrow

But this




* original work. Please don’t steal*

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