So I don’t think I told you guys but I went to Michigan State University for homecoming over the weekend and that sh*t was cray! But it was cray in the best way ever! Imagine a campus full of graduated and not yet graduated peers coming together for the common goal of wholesome (HA), sexy fun! From the frat parties to the tailgating, every second was amazingly good with people who I have always enjoyed spending time with. So it kind of goes without saying, there was no time for blogging. Heck, I didn’t even bring my laptop! Mostly because I knew it was no chance of it getting any action.

Being on that campus reminded me about everything I loved about that school, and about those people. Believe it or not, that campus introduced me to my first ever American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.

Seriously, I was a sad puppy when my time ended at MSU because of a faulty loan company. Though now, looking back it’s probably the best thing that could have happened. Columbia College Chicago, among other things, introduced me to the person that I love. The person that would much rather take poetry workshop over any class I experienced at Michigan State University. CCC introduced me to unconventional thinking, looking beyond the ordinary, and always holding on to dreams no matter how silly or crazy (hey, my teachers were living proof!) But who knows, MSU could have taught me all those things too, but unfortunately (or fortunately) I’ll never know.

Cheers to MSU Homecoming 2011! Cheers to great drinks and even better friends! Cheers to the Michigan State Spartans for beating those Wisconsin Badgers! Cheers to second-chances and having the opportunity to find yourself!

“Hail Mary” Michigan State WINS!

Me and my boo boo! I love that flower shirt. One of my new favorites!

Had to leave a message for 5 Guys and Michigan State. Follow me @supershara

Random picture of Tupac I saw

Where all the magic happens

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did!

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