#HARDBARS D2G x Vic Spencer

Usually when you bond with someone over a classic DMX song, that bond is pretty unbreakable! What makes the friendship better? Well when he just happens to rap too. Where the DMX rap-along ended, he picked up the mic and left me with his lyrics to rap too (told you my friends were cool). His name is D2G and he collaborated with Vic Spencer (D.C. as the producer) on Hard Bars mixtape for your listening pleasure. But sorry if you looking for cookie cutter “rap” that makes you feel mushy inside like Drake, this is not it! I saw a tweet that said that this mixtape is the equivalent to a Chicago WTT (Watch the Throne). It’s a very fitting comparison in terms of lyrical content. Hard hitting, no holds bar honesty is how I would describe it. Its thought-provoking and lyrical raunchiness demeanor seems to give you a bird’s-eye view of their thoughts on the Chicago rap scene. But you should check it out for yourself! Download here!

My favorites: “Booth Sprung” / “Harder than Steel ft Que Billah” / “Issues”

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