New Music: Wale x 2 Chainz x Trey Songz

So I am posting late because I was out for the count for two days, but better late than never!

Wale’s “Ambition” was highly anticipated after his first album didn’t do as great as expected. Unlike his first album (Interscope), Wale now represents MMG (Maybach Music Group) and has more creative freedom under Rick Ross. I was excited for this album because Wale is apart of this “new group” of rappers that have an evolved sense of lyrical content. He gives you songs like “Lotus Flower Bomb”, but also “Slight Work” ft Big Sean. It is that kind of diversity in his music that has some (not me) have used to compare him to Tupac (Think “Dear Mama” versus “Hit em up”). I think that this album lives up to hype and is pretty dope. Definitely not my favorite album that came out this year (Watch the Throne) but Wale stays true to himself and his aesthetics of rap/hip hop, which you have to respect. Everybody should support real music and pick it up in stores or Itunes.

Favorite songs

4. Legendary

5. Lotus Flower Bomb

10. Slight Work ft. Big Sean

11. Ambition ft Meek Mill & Rick Ross

*So I can’t really say that I really listened to 2 Chainz before this mixtape but his appearance on the BET cypher had me intrigued*

Honestly, this is just not my type of music. I would never put on my Ipod, and it’s definitely more “party music” than anything (to me) that holds any substance. But if you need something to listen to before you go out, then this is a perfect mixtape. You can download for free HERE!

Trey! As fine as you are, I just can’t get down with this mixtape. It left me underwhelmed. Some of it was even laughable like “Girl on Girl” and a part in a song, “Don’t Judge” when he says the girl can sniff cocaine off his naval. I was just left confused after listening to this. It is a disappointment in every sense of the word in terms of comparing it to Anticipation 1. Luckily, it’s free and you can download HERE!

What new music are you feeling?

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