Iggy Azalea: Next White Girl Rapper?

So I was honestly intrigued when I saw this video on Necole Bitchie. At the very least, she looks very interesting. I definitely like her style. Very rocker, bad a$$ with the gold studded cropped moto jacket, and the pink faux fur (I assume) jacket. Yet she is still stunning beautiful and soft in some parts of the video. I also really like her voice for her to be a white female rapper from Australia. Her rapper voice is very bass-y, and deep. It doesn’t sound too soft and I like that in my female rappers personally.

Now, to what is most important to me in any music I listen to: lyrics. While the chorus is very catchy and I can see myself bumping this on the way to the club, the verses are very lackluster. Her flow is nice, but she really isn’t talking about anything in the song. There is nothing I can pick out and say, “that was dope.” Supposedly inspired by Tupac, (maybe the “I Get Around” Tupac) I just wanted a little harder wordplay. Nothing really thought-provoking, (at least Nicki Minaj does that sometimes).

I think this video really shows her flaws. She sounds a little amateur here, and her flow starts off slow here.

All in all, do I think she has a chance? Of course. She is pretty, and she has the body that appeals to most in the rap game or listen to rap (if you know what I mean *winks*). She has great style and that makes her look interesting. Usually when someone looks interesting, people will listen for that reason alone. I think she is a little “extra”, trying a little to hard, but who knows, this could just be her mantra. You can’t really knock anyone for being themselves. So more power to her, and I wish her, any and everybody much success!

Check out more about her here and here.

She definitely a chic monster!

Are you feeling her???

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