#RIPHEAVYD – the Message in his Death!

It’s something so shocking about his death. Maybe because it was so unexpected. He just performed at the BET hip-hop awards and seemed to be alive and kicking.

Or maybe it is because he was only 44 years old. Maybe it’s just me and my own paranoia, but it seems like the earth is losing quite a few good men. There is turmoil all over. It’s just not only in your backyard, but across this great world.

Seems like everything is overdrive. Everyone is self-absorbed. Way less compassionate or willing to help anyone. (Don’t mind me getting spiritual) But God doesn’t like ugly. Reality is reality. We, as human beings, not limited by race or nation, need to do better. We need to find a better way of coming together. Even if our only common thread is to live. (Here I go again) I can’t imagine God is happy with His people or our actions.

If there is anything we should learn from his death is that it’s okay to be joyous, help others, and spread positive energy. He represents hip hop in the brightest way!

His last tweet! What a glorious last message to the world! May he rest in Heaven!

Thank you for your light Heavy D!

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