Someone You Should Know!

picture via Donna Karan website

I always complain to friends about how hard it seems to work in fashion, especially for a girl like me. I wasn’t fortunate or knowledgeable enough to grow up rocking vintage Chanel or Dior. As a teen, I was into Tommy Hilfiger (very influenced by the hip hop culture) and most urban brands. I go back and forth with fashion, but somehow always find myself right back to it. I even tweeted this morning, “It’s very obvious what industry I should be working in! Fashion blogs are my morning coffee….” So people like Shioni Turini (Accessories Director at Teen Vogue) give me hope that you can be indecisive but still love and work in fashion!

Check out what she says about starting her career in fashion!

Though Shiona always had a flair for style, she didn’t pursue fashion as a career until after college. She says, “I graduated with absolutely NO fashion experience – not one internship. So, when I [finished my studies] and moved to New York, I interned at Yves Saint Laurent in the PR Department. I was there for almost a year as a full time intern but freelanced often at KCD (during the shows and when publicists would travel to Europe). Finally, a position opened up and I was hired at Yves Saint Laurent as the PR Assistant.”

In conclusion, she says, “Stay strong! If you are confident that fashion is for you, stick with it. Make good contacts and great impressions and something amazing will happen for you. Also, be prepared for the demanding nature of this business. It is easy to be distracted by the glitz and glamour of fashion, but it’s no joke. Everyone works really hard to get to where they are, so don’t underestimate the lengths it takes to land a “dream job.” Don’t be in such a rush to get the perfect job. My career is a departure from where I started, but I definitely wouldn’t have it any other way. Learn everything you can and always be willing to work very hard no matter what.” Wise words, indeed.

See the full interview here.

She is definitely FAB in here sense of the word! You can follow her on Twitter here!

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