A Hip-Hop Lineage Tree?

I thought that this video was super interesting. It basically breaks down the grandfathers of rap/hip hop and how those rapper’s style birthed every rapper that has come out from that point. It’s a must listen if you listen to hip hop! Also, check out more videos from Jumpoff TV, they talk about some pretty interesting stuff.

6 Rappers

  • KRS 1

  • Big Daddy Kane

  • Rakim

  • Cool G Rap

  • LL Cool J

  • Slick Rick

  • *possible 7* Scarface

What are you thoughts???

3 responses to “A Hip-Hop Lineage Tree?

  1. Yeah! Super interesting right? It makes sense but I think there were a couple missing. But it’s one of those things that each person could have a different six. Influential to me could be completely not influential to you. But I liked the video nonetheless.

    • Nah I think the list is decent.

      Not much more rappers should be added to that classical list.

      But like you said in other words,it can be a different 6 depending on the person.

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