&& The Best Dressed Couple is….

Carmelo & Lala Anthony

I am such a fan of growth and that’s exactly what Carmelo and Lala Anthony have experienced. I am not sure when this picture was taken above, but I’m sure that they wish they could burn it. Lala’s hair is greasy and messy, and Carmelo still had those braids. Lala’s dress looks like it came off the Dots clearance rack and Carmelo’s brightly colored XXL leather jacket is just a mess. But then they must have had some type of epiphany. Maybe they got stylist, or maybe they started to respect their position as an elite couple in public America, whatever the case, this couple went from frumpy to FAB!

Now they give us what we what! We want chic, we want edge, we want designer! In a short time, they have become some of my red carpet favorites!

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