Are You Buying what America is Selling?

As I continued the conversation online about my last post on Seven Halos, Is Hip-Hop Getting Watered Down?, I got great answers from people as to why. As much as people like me continue to wonder why bad music is acceptable, I must consider that it’s only tolerable because the people like it. America is based on supply and demand. If people like the bubblegum, more “pop-like” or party music rap, than artists like Waka Flocka, Drake, and Nicki Minaj will continue to dominate.

That thoughts leads me to ponder the overall state of what’s popular in America. It’s seems today America is obsessed with the over-sexed, over-hyped, over-dramatized, weirdly-different stars. The best example is the Kardashian empire. Because we love to love Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and the rest of the family, they are able to capitalize on their stardom (remember their stardom is based on a sextape). Now, no matter where you go, there is something endorsed by at least one of the Kardashians. It has also lead to clothing lines, home-wear lines, books, and a host of other things. Though I like Kardashians, I don’t feel they are the best role models for the millions of teen girls that want to be just like them (cue Kim and Kris’ 72-day wedding).

This is not a Kardashian bashing post, rather a small look at what Americans deem important. Most of us pay more attention to the Basketball Wives reality series than the upcoming presidential election. Some kids know more words to Justin Bieber songs than they know of the Star Spangled Banner or the Martin Luther “I Have a Dream” speech. Have our values as Americans been entangled and overthrown by celebrity objectivity, or can we see through the mainstream mambo jumbo?

Honestly, I just wish certain things could withhold their original integrity. Things like music, art, and fashion. Before rappers and R&B singers put “red bottoms” in their songs, they were known as Christian Louboutin’s. Now the shoe has become so popular that they are being falsely duplicated merely for popularity reasons, and some women are willing to do just about anything to get them. Rap has become such a lucrative career that anyone thinks they can do it. For some, it has nothing to do with music, and everything to do with money. “The American Dream” used to be about coming here to live the kind of life you wanted, and creating a better existence than your previous situation. Now it’s about superficial fame, and the benjamins, but we as consumers are responsible. We have the power to make or break a person’s career simply by purchasing their product. Use your power wisely!

What will you do for fame?

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