No Bullying!

Maybe it’s just me, (but I know it’s not) but there seems to be an incredible amount of bully awareness going on. I think it’s a great but sad thing at same time. It’s great because of the thousands of kids that now have a voice but it also sad that it has gotten this far. It’s sad that it is as serious as kids killing themselves. It’s sad that young kids, some that haven’t even hit their teenage years, are committing suicide.

I was talking to my brother about it, who is seventeen, and he said that he knew nothing about suicide at that age. Is that a sign of the times? As things become more advanced, so have the lives of our children. Now, instead of the constant picking that a child may endure at school, they can log into their computer and the bullying can continue socially.

Self-esteem is great, and some of you may think that’s all it takes, but just think of yourself at that age. I hadn’t really developed that much self-esteem at that age. I mean heck I was just starting my period. I was just growing boobs and trying to get rid of my baby fat (still working at both btw, haha). So I could just imagine what it would be like for someone to be going through all the commotion in his or her body and also have to deal with someone who thrives off the bullying them.

My heart goes out to every single one of you, and from the bottom of my heart I hope that both parties get the help they need. Bullying someone is not cool, it is not funny, and it could be life threatening. Honestly, I think bullies are usually bullied at home by older family members or family, and pick people to bully that they are either jealous of or they think are weak enough to dominate.

 Go to the Stand Together website, and take the pledge against bullying. There is also information about how the cause got started (heartbreaking story, literally cried eyes out). I hope this inspires you guys to stand against bullying because the results are way to severe for it to continue. I did so, and I was like number like 92,000 something.


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