The Joy of Christmas: Gifts

First off, let me say that the joy of Christmas is NOT gifts, or Santa, or spiked egg nog. It’s Jesus’s birthday, and sometimes it seems like those that believe in Him forget that. Without His birth, we would be a hopeless world because everyone on this planet sins. Praise Him! Now, back to the gifts….

This video is completely adorable for a several reasons. One, because they are BOTH DJs and I so secretly want to be a DJ (like my girl crush Solange Knowles). Secondly, they are MARRIED! They are not cuddy buddies, or “friends with benefits” MARRIAGE people! (take note) Third, how cute is it that they trust well each other and know each other enough to pick good gifts for one another without any further assistance from the other. Awww. It makes my heart go pitter patter! Lovely!

Now let’s move on to what you can get me for Christmas. I just know you were wondering! =)

Supershardom’s Top 10 Wish List

1. Chicago Bull vs New York Knick tickets @MSG. Ticket price TBA

2. J Brand Velvet Leggings in any color, $183.00,

3. The Roots “Undun” Album, $9.99-$13.99, Itunes

4. Rachel Comey Baxter Boot, $196.00,

5. BCBG Maxarzia perfume 3.4oz, $75.00,

6. MARC BY MARC JACOBS “Too Hot to Handle” Leather Drawstring Bag in yellow, $468, or MARC BY MARC JACOBS “Preppy Nylon Hillier” Hobo in Caspian Blue, $248,

7. See by Chloe’ sneakers in Petalo, $375.00, or Chloe’ sneakers, $575,

8. Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Wedge with strap, $455,

9. HIGHLIFE Maxi Shirt Dress, TBA,

10. Diane von Furstenberg Holmes Fringe Poncho, $447.50,

Though these gifts are in no particular order, the Bulls/Knicks tickets and that DVF coat are at the top of my list. So why don’t you guys be a sweetie and make this wish list come true! =) Happy Holidays everybody!

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