If you’re like me, you’ve been completely glued to Twitter or ESPN to see the craziness that has been happening in the last day or so in the NBA. If you weren’t, here some what you missed in a nutshell:

  • Shane Battier to the Heat
  • Shannon Brown to Phoenix
  • Caron Butler to Clippers
  • Possible Tyson Chandler trade to Knicks
  • Chris Paul to Lakers for Odom and Gasol, with Gasol going to Houston
  • Chris Paul to Lakers gets crushed by David Stern!!!!! no-go
  • D. Howard asks to go to Brooklyn Nets
  • Brandon Roy RETIRES because of knee!!!!!

As nothing relates to the Bulls, Thunder, or the Knicks (except Tyson Chandler), I don’t care as much. I really want/ed Chris Paul to go to the Knicks, that would have been EPIC! Though I think Chandler would be a great fit as a Knick too.

I need the Bulls to MAKE A MOVE, like yesterday! The Bulls need a SG or we could have used Howard down low. Anything to pull some of the pressure off Rose and bring in the extra baskets.

I’m happy for Shane Battier, and I am completely and utterly stunned by Brandon Roy’s retirement. I wish him in the best in the rest of his endeavors.

As for the CP3 to Lakers thing. I am NOT a Lakers fan, let me repeat, I AM NOT A LAKERS FAN, but it seemed silly to trade Gasol AND Odom. I know that the Lakers were banking on getting Howard too, but what if that trade didn’t go through? That would have left the Lakers so small with a coach who is frantically NOT Phil Jackson, and the chances of the Lakers winning another championship would have been pretty slim. So maybe the Chris Paul rejection will have the Lakers reevaluate how to win with an aging Kobe and a pretty no-namey coach in Mike Brown.

Good sources to follow on Twitter to up-to-date news: @NBAonESPN, @Chris_Broussard@yahoosports, @jalenrose, @NBATV

What are your thoughts on all the trade action?

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