Midnight Snack!

How many times have you said this (I wish I never met her/him) out loud or silently to yourself? If that answer is never, consider yourself lucky! Sometimes the worse pain is not when someone deceives you, or leaves you but finding someone who you think is “perfect” and not having an opportunity to actually be with them. Whether it be timing, location, or being in another relationship, it all sucks the same.

Clearly this is a post consumed with venting! This venting is caused by the irrational attempt to go through my life and try to envision if I’ve made the right decisions. But I guess the thought that I can simply correct past mistakes by rehashing them is as silly as the fact that the thought is there at all. Letting go is easy only when the person meant nothing. I am still truly conflicted by the last couple of months and how relationships have basically been dismantled. But sometimes you just have to face the music, even if it’s not your favorite song….

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